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Labour Market Info

The LLMP uses a ‘demand’ side approach to the data analysis. The focus is on identifying where, in which sectors and occupations there may be a higher demand for labour, training or retraining. Generally our focus is on Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), those companies with under 100 employees, since SMEs tend to be the backbone of both the Canadian and the local economy. Their smaller size means that they often need, and can benefit from labour market initiatives.

Analysis of this local data and information assists ECOTB in identifying ‘priority actions’ related to the labour force and its development. View our 2015 Labour Market Plan ECOTB LLMP 2016-17  Pour voir la version française de ce rapport, cliquez ici:ECOTB LLMP 2016-17

October ECOTB LLMP 2015-16 Final  ECOTB LLMP 2015-16 French

October  ECOTB LLMP Report 2014   2014-15 LLMP-French

October  2013-LLMP.

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